Conduct a 360 degree assessment of your workplace compliance and practices.


Assess your HR practices and programs against the employment life cycle and business objectives.


Customisable layouts and themes to tailor reports for internal distribution.


People first perspective in the identification of workplace issues to influence strategic conversations.

The Employee Life Cycle


The drivers for workplace success, deliver equal employment practices and compliance.


1. Assess: Analyse compliance against employee legislation and risk exposure.

2. Hire: Understand the employee/roles you need and source the best talent.

3. Manage: Get employee management legally correct on a daily basis.

4. Policy: Protect your business and employees by being compliant.

5. Wellbeing: Meet legal requirements regarding workplace health and safety.

6. Training: Reduce risk by conducting effective training.

7. Engage: Foster a highly motivated and productive workforce.

8. Measure: Understand what your employees and vacancies cost.

9. Exit: Reduce the impact of resignations and exit non-performers legally.